Karaoke Kids 🎤

Today is the day!

The kids and I have been practising the past month for this moment.

It’s their debut at the Karaoke.

Friends of ours had invited us for an evening at their club’s karaoke. They usually invite a group of friends over to sing our hearts out. Belting out tunes mostly from ABBA and doing groovy dance moves we’d never be caught doing anywhere else. My Husband and I have been to their ‘sing fest’ a couple of times before and it has always been hilarious fun. So when they invited us again, I figured that I’d ask if the kids could come along. And of course being the dear, dear people that they are…they said ‘Yes!’

The kids and I spent evenings searching through YouTube for songs that they’d like to sing. Finally, they settled on ‘All Stars’ by Smashmouth and ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ by Train. They were excited and yet nervous of the prospect of standing in front of a group of people singing. It was after all akin to public speaking – one of the TOP ranked fear that most people have. I told them that if they really wanted to do it, we would practice every day. And if we did that, they would get more confident and excited about performing when it was time for them to sing.

They started working really hard watching YouTube, memorizing lyrics and trying to get the rhythm of the song as they practice over and over again on Sing! We did all this together. They would sing when they were in the shower, when we drove to the mall, when they played Minecraft. They were singing all the time. And then they started singing to anyone who would listen to them. The kids would ask, ‘Would you like to hear me sing?’ Friends that we’d bump into would politely listen to them. Did I find it annoying? Heck no! I’ve been through tougher times…remember ‘Let it go’. I’m much stronger now. Besides, it was actually fun seeing the kids so excited and having something to look forward to every night as we practiced together as a family. It was wonderful to watch them grow more confident as they kept on practicing.

So, did they sing perfect on Karaoke Night?

My little ones picked up the mics and started off nervously. But as they sang, they got more and more comfortable. (It also helped that everyone at the party was so encouraging). Soon they were dancing and singing and twirling around. We had loads of fun. Karaoke is not about singing perfect. The point to all those hours of practising was for the kids to feel more confident with themselves and that they would enjoy singing better. Through the years, I’ve learnt that practicing and working hours on something does not have to be about being perfect. Not everything in life is about being perfect. Sometimes it’s all about enjoying the journey.

And yes, we’ll be practicing on another song to add to our repertoire the next time we perform again at Karaoke Night. The kids think that the ‘Coconut Song’ is hilarious but I don’t think they’ll have that one on the song list. Hmm…


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