An Ash Wednesday Valentine’s Day

So it’s confirmed…there’s no dispensation from abstinence and fasting given for Valentine’s Day.

What were the odds of having Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day itself.

So now comes what should we do for Valentine’s Day? All the usual wine and dine is out the window.

I’ve decided to outline some activities that we can do on 14 Feb 2018.

  1. Go to Church of course. It is Ash Wednesday. I’m thinking of going to the church where my Husband and I got married in. It’s not the weekly church we go to so it’s sure to bring back memories of the day when we exchanged vows.
  2. A long romantic walk along the beach. Talk about hopes and dreams as we walk holding hands along the beach. The waves gently crashing into our feet as the stars shine above. (Should we bring the kids along?)
  3. Have coffee or tea together. ‘Play’ a variation of 635 Method brainstorm but it’ll be a 235 instead. The topic will be on what we appreciate about each other, things we can do for each other and so on. There’s also this quiz…36 Questions to Fall in Love. Have always loved going through the questions from time to time. Or maybe if I can find some suitable table conversation starters.
  4. A good massage. Book an appointment at the massage parlour or better still put together some body lotions and massage oils and give each other a massage.
  5. Watch a movie together. I’m thinking of watching the romantic movie ‘The Shape of Water’. Or maybe a scary, horror flick. Too bad we’ll have to skip the popcorns. Or we could snuggle up together at home watching TV.
  6. Take pictures of yourself or each other that relates to Valentine’s Day. For example, of you buying movie tickets or holding hands with the sunset in the background. Put together a collage of pictures or you could setup a private Facebook or even simpler a V’day WhatsApp group for just the 2 of you.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?


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