When I grow up, I’m going to…

Illustration by SML, age 6+

My Pa has always instilled in me the concept of ECONOMIC SENSE.

I’m not quite sure if he coined the term himself or picked it up as he himself was growing up.

In short what it means is that whether a certain venture or course of action was deemed financially viable. If it wasn’t, the option ought to be abandoned. Being matured is to be sensible and practical.

An example of ECONOMIC SENSE was when I was 11, I told him of my ambition. I told him that I wanted to be a mad scientist (this passion was fuelled by spending too many hours watching Back to the Future and Star Trek). PaPa sat me down and told me that instead of being a scientist, I should consider being an engineer. An engineer is almost like a scientist… but you get sort of a steady income (don’t ask me why he thought so, it was his opinion and I was only 11). That’s ECONOMIC SENSE at work.

Now that I’ve grown up, my ambitions and goals in life have changed. But I have come to realise that my ambitions are becoming very self-limiting and I suspect it is because my sub-conscious mind constantly drills me on whether pursuing crazy dreams made any ECONOMIC SENSE.

Every time I decide to set goals for myself, they tend to be mundane and somewhat achievable goals. Like losing weight, spending more time with loved ones, etc… Don’t misunderstand me, those are noble goals that are already on my every year default goals list. What I mean is to dream the CRAZY dreams. The kind I used to do as a child. A time when I didn’t knew better and when anything was possible. ANYTHING. A time when I would say, “When I grow up, I’m going to…”

The funny thing is I can’t even bring myself to think about them let alone write them down as goals.

But think of them today I must!

Regardless of whether they’re viable or not. Just to crazy imagine what life could be if I was not afraid of it…not afraid of it not making any ECONOMIC SENSE.



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