Guilt, Uncluttering and saying Goodbye

Yes, my home is in a MESS.

The excesses of the previous year culminating in Christmas and the holiday parties has finally taken it’s toll on us.

Stuff are all over the place and especially in piles on the floor. In the bedrooms, the kitchen, the fridge and pantry…the only spaces I’ve managed to maintain some decency were the dining area and living room. I’ve only managed to keep it sane because I needed those areas to entertain family dinners in.

Over the years, I’ve learnt that the best way to unclutter quickly was to remove everything that I didn’t needed into an area temporarily. In my case, the master room served this purpose well.

1. It had a large enough floor area to accommodate the STUFF

2. No outsider visiting would dare enter it without my permission

3. All that STUFF would glare at me every single day until I decided to DO something about them

The hardest part was not cleaning up, sorting and dusting…Let’s face it, just doing all that does not help with reducing clutter. Some of the STUFF just needs to be let go. It was always the parting with STUFF that was the most emotional for me. The guilt that we were not meant to be. The possibility that I might need it or I could reuse it. What if my Mother-in-Law found out I gave it away during Christmas exchange? It would be less devastating if I could find someone to take them in, which usually makes the uncluttering process so much more tedious and long winded. But it usually ends up in me feeling guilty of having to just dump them in the bin.

I am by nature a hoarder and it has taken me a long, long time to only now begin to reduce my inventory of STUFF. I do my best not to buy unnecessarily but I have many loving family and friends that will get me STUFF (which I appreciate). And STUFF has been accumulating over the years. So I harden my heart, put some STUFF that I’ve decided to say goodbye to into bags and boxes…Oh, I still can’t bear to do the last act of actually throwing them out. That’s when having a Husband comes in handy 😏


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