Battle of the Last 5 Pounds

After losing about 15 pounds (7 kg) in 3 months, I’ve somehow hit a plateau in the past month. My weight has not seemed to budge as the weeks rolled by. I guess it was also due to me taking a slight break from being too strict with myself. And I am glad that even with the slack, my weight still sits comfortably where it is. I’m mildly surprised it hasn’t moved up with all the weekly events that I’ve been attending. Alcohol and a good spread of food is so difficult to resist. I do my best to set portions before the events but I always seem to go beyond it…slightly(?). But still portion sizes were much smaller compared to my previous life.

So I’ve decided to work on a battle plan to conquer the Last 5 Pounds (L5P). You would think that after succeeding in the losing 15 pounds, it would be a cinch to lose 5 pounds (2.26kg). OMG! You cannot believe the amount of literature written about the mystical powers of L5P that seems to protect it from melting off your body. But battle we must! For honour and glory!

Battle Plan L5P

  1. Decide on how much Weight to Lose
  2. Timeline – Focus and time set aside
  3. Research on Nutrient Dense Super Foods
  4. Doable, daily repeatable cardio
  5. Increase muscle mass to improve metabolism
  6. 7 Days 1,000 Calorie Menu

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